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Re: Diana Muldaur and the TNG cast

I understand saying it was a little too 'convenient' how Picard didn't seem to mind Crusher having affairs (like in "The Host") despite supposedly being in love with her the whole time. For Bev's part, however, I don't think her feelings were totally ignored when it came to Picard and romance.

For example, when Vash showed up, there was that cute scene of the two of them going off to have some 'girl talk' about him and she did seem amused when she first met Vash.

I wouldn't go as far as to call her reactions 'jealousy', but she did have some reaction. She was playful and flirtatious with him once in awhile, showing that the writers didn't just forget about something being between them when it wasn't a central plot point. They weren't a 'will they/won't they' couple, but they weren't completely platonic either.

She was attracted to him, enough that his romances affected her and she could tell him she was attracted to him, but not so much that she felt compelled to act on the attraction. This is why I think their relationship/friendship has some realism and isn't just a plot device.

However you feel about Picard and Crusher, surely you can see that at least there was some kind of chemistry between them, unlike with Pulaski and Picard (or most of the cast). I think Data was the only character the writers tried to give some kind of chemistry with Pulaski, but it was the wrong kind.

There was supposed to be some kind of comedic oneupmanship like with McCoy and Spock, but it just came across as Pulaski being a prejudiced bitch until the end when she started to warm up to him a bit and just become a little warmer overall, which allowed us as viewers to like her more. Too little too late, unfortunately.
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