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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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It was successful simply because it was entertaining, something that ENT and VOY rarely were.
That's a completely subjective opinion though. Personally I found enjoyment in all three. Of course, I don't consider my personal tastes to be the final word on what is or isn't entertaining. Neither are ratings for that matter. Or box office. They may be an indication of financial success, but neither can be held up as an accurate marker of entertainment. Plenty of bad movies and TV shows have done well. Plenty of good ones have sunk without a trace.

For whatever reasons, people like what they like. Some movies and shows are successful. Some aren't.

The original point I was making, however, was that the movie was successful because it didn't tie itself down in wave after wave of fan service. And yes, it was entertaining, which certainly didn't hurt.

I'll still take First Contact over it any day. But again, that's a completely personal preference.
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