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Re: Diana Muldaur and the TNG cast

^ Exactly, ST. I hate to disagree with you, Too Much (as you know), but far from being realistic, to me the P/C romance was in fact completely unrealistic. It was a typical TV show semi-romance, which means it was used when it was convenient to the plot but ignored when it was not. And by "ignored," I don't just mean "wasn't referred to when it wasn't necessary." I mean that when it was inconvenient - when TPTB wanted Crusher to fall for a Trill or Picard to fall for a shady archeologist/opportunist or whatever - it was ignored. It was as though it had never been...

Until it fit a plot again, of course. And they did the same thing to Troi and Riker, which did nothing to endear that pairing to me.

Hate when they pull that crap. Hate hate hate hate it.

But I agree with Too Much about Pulaski. She rather annoyed me in the beginning, but she was starting to grow on me, as she evolved from female McCoy to an original character.

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