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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

If anyone read the "New Krypton" story arc Geoff Johns kicked off his run on Action Comics with Richard Donner where they basically used the Krypton from Donner's films. Right down to the Council. Krypton was fleshed out and given a culture, incorporating elements from right back to the Silver Age. They even gave a reason for why Non was a mindless brute (The Council had performed a lobotomy to shut him up) he was also Jor-El's mentor and first brought to attention Krypton's pending doom to him.

As I've said before if we revisit Krypton at all in the movie I believe we will get elements of what from the comics. "Superman Secret Origin" focused on Clark Kent's youth for instance rather than retell the Krypton stuff. It was reported a couple months ago the script contained Clark traveling to Africa which of course is from "Superman Birthright". So yeah there are many different ways they could feature Krypton and that part of the origin. We're just gonna have to wait and see what the plot actually is and I doubt we'll get any solid factual information for a few months.

@Darth Pipes my last response was directed towards captaindemotion not you. You just happened to post a second before I did.
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