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Re: Diana Muldaur and the TNG cast

As far as the romantic tension between Picard and Crusher, I grew tired of it. The audience knows Picard won't get together with Crusher for the same reason Riker won't get together with Troi. Because then neither character will be free to romance the alien-of-the-week. Notice how they waited til near the end of TNG before putting Troi and Worf together. Same with DS9. Kira and Odo didn't get together until the end. Same with Bashir and Dax. That brings up another tired cliche of Trek. The male and female who start off as friends but then one of them decides they want more. For a show that's supposed to have such an enlightened view of the future, it would be nice if they could show a man and a woman being good friends and nothing more. At least Dax and Sisko stayed that way. Then again, he thought of her as "the old man".
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