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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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The decline appears indicative and entirely typical of a trend that encompasses DS9, VOY, and ENT together.
And to an extent true of B5, yes? Did its ratings not decline over its run as well? I think that's true of most modern TV series.

USS Intrepid wrote: View Post
A Captain Sulu show would have been no more successful than any other random crew on a random ship. The core fans are not the people that need to be watching week in, week out. It's Joe and Jane Public, who are unlikely to be any more interested interested in a show about Sulu than they are about anything else.
I suspect it would've been a "what other Classic Trek actor will be the guess star this week?" sort of thing with Shatner and Nimoy making appearances during sweeps.

USS Intrepid wrote: View Post
Could a show about Sulu have worked? Sure, but it's no more or less likely to be successful than any other concept.
Honestly, I'm not sure George could have carried the series. His acting at times is just not very good.

USS Intrepid wrote: View Post
The new movie was successful because it catered to non fans and casual viewers. It's no more complex than that.
It was successful simply because it was entertaining, something that ENT and VOY rarely were.
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