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Re: Chris Pike as a diplomat for New Vulcan

Well you could bring nuSybok into things somewhere along the line. I could see him seeking out Spock, Prime or Nu once he learned what happened. Vulcan being obliterated and a version of his brother from the future seems like the sort of thing that might bring a prodigal son home. Not that it would be a reimagining of ST:V although you could still have him on some quest or another. But this is a much earlier point in his life than he was in ST:V.

Not sure how that would fit into any movie or show or episode of a show, but since he seemed to have lived off world for a long time, he probably survived and some way of bringing him in might be interesting. With such a small number of Vulcans, he might think tha this image of a new Vulcan might seem to have a new life. Could be anyhow.
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