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Re: The new Post Your Desktop thread

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^ Go to the Start menu (windows icon) > click All Programs > scroll down and right click on the program(s) whose icon(s) you want on the desktop > hover over Send To until the side menu opens > click Desktop (create shortcut). The icon for that program will then appear on your desktop.

If you just mean the default Windows icons (my computer, network, recycle bin, etc.), just right click on an empty part of your screen > click Personalize > click Change Desktop Icons > select which icons you want to restore > and then click Restore Default.
I have tried that already. Thanks for the tip, though. I've also tried various 'Cmd' commands and system restore. The icons are there, they are present when i check the desktop via Windows Explorer, but not on the actual desktop.

I'm gotta reformat the C: partition soon, because I'm losing my patience. and i never had much of that to begin with...

Windows Explorer:

Actual desktop:
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