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Hey all, nice to see a Minecraft thread in here. Been playing for about three weeks and I'm hooked on the darn thing. Don't have any screenshots to post yet, since I still haven't found which directory the darn games been saving them. Currently on my third world, which has been my longest lasting one so far. I basically built a home inside a cliff face on the edge of very deep water.

So far my major building projects have been a huge underground room for ore, (a dozen diamonds so far, whoo!), a looong raised path and underground tunnel leadign back to the spawnpoint, and currently my first tower.

I'm just happy that a game by an idie developer that doesn't really on the latest oh-so-pretty 3d graphics is tunring into such a hit! Not to say the game isn't pretty in its own way. I've seen some pretty awesome vistas during my in game wanderings.

Since I don't have pics yet, I figured I'd share some links.

Coe's Quest - A great walkthrough/lets play video series. Currently at 125 episodes. I learned a lot watching this guy.

The Shaft - A weekly podcast dedicated to all things Minecraft.

The Yogscast: Survival Island - These British guys have a whole series of videos that turn Minecraft into an adventure game. I just find them funny as hell.

(after watching these guys I just had to track down and get the steampunk style texture they were using)

The Yogscast: Planetoids - One of the wilder game mods.
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