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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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It's a nice thing. I was nominated for a Nebula back in the mists of prehistory, and my prize is that I get to drop that in conversation for the rest of my life every time I feel like attracting undue attention to myself for no good reason - as a deep-dyed narcissist, I find that very satisfying. .
While you won't get any argument from me concerning that admission, I should point out that such egotism can also lead to one's downfall. Look at what has happened to both Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen as of late. Two artists who had a lot going for them, only to let their successes cloud their judgements. Or as Abraham Lincoln would say 'The better angels of their nature.'

As the Vulcans would say, such illogic and extreme mentalities are distateful and unproductive.

Surely, as an author, you realize that narcissism has its share of dangerous pitfalls.

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