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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Make a list of five other sf tv shows - or movies - that you like and see how much (that is, how little) technobabble is required to make them work.
I don't watch any SciFi other than Trek, but if we remove that arbitrary restriction to SciFi, I can think if a few shows that use a fair amount of technobabble...
CSI: Miami
NCIS: Los Angeles
While I don't think technobabble was needed to play a part in every Trek episode, I think it is quite clear why it wasn't a hindrance either. There is an audience for shows that revolve around a lot of technical jargon... an audience that isn't schooled in that jargon.

I think technobabble has it's place... and as long as it doesn't undercut a good story (or is used as a replacement for an actual story), there shouldn't be any problem with it.
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