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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

You guys understand that these are rumors they're reporting right? That nothing except Henry Cavil as Superman is known about the film? Even the plot is rumored? Just wanted to check.

Just so no one thinks that I'm slagging the thread...I'll put in my two cents with the speculation as well. I think that what we will see is a film structured similarly to how "Batman Begins" was. If the rumors are true about showing Clark in Africa, then this will be an origin film that touches on his journey and how he becomes Superman. I've read about the Kryptonian mythology focus as well and that seems to be consistent with what DC has done with the character recently. Focusing on Krypton, etc.

If this is intended to be a trilogy then I wouldn't be surprised if Snyder casts people and uses them sporadically throughout the three films. Who knows. There are a number of ways we can take the casting rumors. I don't think we can judge the production yet. There's nothing to judge, that is what my point was above about talking about rumors. There's no real point in judging this film because we know almost absolutely nothing about it.
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