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Re: What Are You Eating/Drinking Right Now?

Actually, It was my dad's dad that taught me that the Peugeot-mechanism is the only one that actually works.

A woman becomes a "pepper-maid" at thirty if not married a guy would be a 'peber-svend' -I just don't know any English word that could be used for 'svend' but google translate suggest 'journeyman'.

Looked it up on (Danish) Wikipedia: the term came into use around 1530 to describe the travelling salesmen in pepper and other costly spices -they were, apparently, not allowed to 'fraternise' or marry. During the 1500's the term became synonymous with 'unmarried man'.

The 'pepper-maid'-term did however not come into use until during the 1700's.

Opened another can of Schweppes and schwitched gins again: now using Tanqueray 10.

Schanged schins for the schecond of the last can of schweppes... now drinking Bombay Schapphire.

Pain is inevitable.
Suffering is optional.

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