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Re: What Are You Eating/Drinking Right Now?

When I turned thirty but noone gave me a pepper-mill (might be a local Danish thing though: people that turn thirty but are not married are called pepper-something-or-other and their friends usually place an oversize (oil-drum and upwards!) pepper-mill outside the house they live in and/or give pepper-mills as gifts.) I just had to go out and buy myself the best I could find (both in relation to the mechanism (Peugeot) and the 'feel' of the thing (Design by R. Nissen of Bodum).

We also have a word for that powder-stuff (that I'm not in the mood to figure out how to translate right now) but I don't use that as I find it rather tasteless (lit.) albeit sometimes with a 'hot' edge.

Pepper MUST be fresh ground(/cracked)! I can get by for months without any spices or herbs -if I just have plenty of black pepper I can grind.

I don't think I actually used that power-grinder of mine more than maybe twice -I did a roast once and IIRC I used it once while BBQing...

Pepper and tomato is a classic -I don't need the mayo for that, but perhaps a pinch of (good) salt.

The Beer is a "Giraf Gold" from the local brewery. It's a decent enough beverage, but by far not as good as the "Giraf", which probably is why it's locally referred to as "Woman's Giraf"
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