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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

^ Agreed on all points, adding that ZSG indicated the willingness of both sides to engage in acts of espionage while still having plausible deniability. The story began with operatives stealing data on slipstream. The operation inside Breen space is a success, leading Terzene to accuse a Starfleet vessel of firing on a Breen shipyard without provocation. Bacco's response was to effect, "Why, pray tell, would we devote great effort and resources to destroying one ship. What exactly is so special about that one ship." So that particular confrontation was a stalemate. And I would the imagine the TP powers would be plenty PO'ed that a Starfleet vessel snatched a terraforming device important to future of the Gorn race. They'd likewise have to watch what they say without appearing to endorse genocide.
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