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Re: What Are You Eating/Drinking Right Now?

You use a DRILL PHASER to grind your pepper?! That is awesome.

In Aus ground pepper means it is finer and more powdery. I don't have a pepper mill because every one I've bought hasn't worked properly for some reason, so I just buy the plastic disposable ones with pepper in them in the supermarket. I got given a mill recently that works well but the grind is too fine for me.

I use a LOT of cracked pepper.

Here is a great sandwich recipe highlighting the fabness of cracked pepper:

Two pieces white bread toasted, set aside to cool a bit.

Thinly slice a tomato. Spread US/Ca mayonnaise thinly on first slice of toast, layer with tomatoes slices. Spread mayonnaise THICKLY, like you can't go too thick, on second piece of toast. Grind cracked pepper all over tomatoes until they are thickly covered with pepper and place second mayo covered toast on top. The contrast of the fresh tomato, mayo and pepper is fabulous.

What kind of beer is that behind the phaser drill?

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