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In Trek terms it's not that much different. In case of Potemkin (movie era after ST6) if there's a plot dealing with the Klingon Empire I wouldn't be surprised if there's a throwaway line about "The Treaty" (Organia) or "The Accords" (Khitomer).
Funny you should mention that. During an encounter with the Klingons, Captain Grigory certainly mentions the treaty, but he doesn't go into into all the details of it anymore than we'd examine the details of the current Russo-American accords while maneuvering in the North Sea.

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I think small references to the Trek Universe are okay, but they should never be the focus of an entire scene or story thread. If you treat Trek as a future historical time frame, then there are certain events and people to reference. If you were filming a story set in the Navy in the 40s, you'd reference the war and principal people even if the story was set at a stateside assignment. However, that same story should not obsess over those things as a part of it's own unique tale to tell.
Absolutely true! For Potemkin, we really aren't interested in sequels (we have a no sequels clause), and we don't want all these references to previous Trek episodes/movies. We want to take our audiences to somewhere new.

@Melonpool: Love it! I always think of that "Warp Five Keeps the Universe Alive!" nonsense as being one of the lowest points in Trek history, along with the VOY statement that we can't turn while in warp. LOL But you're quite right. I don't want any scripts in our inbox where there's anything along the lines of "Well, on Stardate--" BUZZ! Sorry, your time is up.
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