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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

This is the sort of thing I was referring to --

Helmsman: "Captain, there's no hope of getting out of this. We're completely surrounded."

Captain: "I heard about Kirk's Enterprise being in a similar situation during their first five-year mission. But in their case, it was unstable piece of transwarp space... and they were able to get away by passing out of our dimension."

Science Officer: "Yes. That was near what later was called the Tholian Empire."

Medic: "Too bad we can't use that now. We're doomed."

Science Officer: "Maybe. Maybe not. I have a friend that served on the Enterprise-D. He was aboard up until she crashed on Nimbus III -- "

Captain: "Ah, yes. Picard's ship. I shed a tear when I first heard about that beautiful lady going down. But the 'E' is a fine replacement."

Science Officer: "Please, Captain. Stay focused. Anyway, my friend, Geordi, told me about the time they used a Tachyon Pulse to open up a small tear in space. A tear that might be large enough for a ship to pass through."

Captain: "A Tachyon Pulse! Of course! Make it so!"

Helmsman: "Not so fast, Captain. Even if we're able to open up a hole in space large enough for our ship to pass through, we'd have to move at at least Warp 6 to get away."

Captain: "So what. The lives of over 430 men and women are at stake."

Medic: "Don't tell me you've forgotten about the Federation Council order of Stardate 47314.5."

Captain: "Oh -- the one about not going to Talos IV?"

Medic: "No! The one that proves that you can't go faster that Warp 5 without being extremely detrimental to all life in the universe!"

Captain: "How could I be so stupid? They don't prepare you for this sort of thing in the Kobyashi Maru."

Helmsman: "Actually, Captain. All may not be lost. We can go faster that Warp 5 in the case of an emergency."

Captain: "Excellent! Science Officer! Release that Tachyon Pulse!"

Science Officer: "Aye, Sir!:

Captain: "Helmsman, Maximum Warp!"

Helmsman: "Aye, Sir!"

Medic: "I don't believe it. You did it again. You turned death into a fighting chance to live."

Captain: "I just hope we come out on the other side near the Bajoran Wormhole. I could really use a stiff drink at Quark's Bar on Deep Space Nine."

Medic: "With our luck, we'll end up in the Delta Quadrant, lost on space with Voyager. I hate that EMP they have as doctor."

Captain: "What's the matter, Doc? Remind you of someone?"

The crew all has a good laugh as they warp off to their next mission...
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