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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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I need to go and buy a whole new set of underwear, ive gone through them all.

This is truly amazing.

Yeah, ive had a pop at 3d modelling parts of the Enterprise we never saw and parts that i wouldve liked to see, infact, a couple of years ago i modelled the bridge (part of it) in full scale 3d, took me a year just to do the centre captain/helm and the raised platforms and railings section around work etc.

But this is just, OMFG.

The whole damn thing, from keel plates to mast (excuse the naval terms.)

Think you've inspired me to repost some of my work. Blow the dust off em again.

I love you
Thank you. Coming back from a weird week or two, being sick, etc, this really is like an energy boost and motivator. Very much needed and appreciated.

Havin a little trouble gettin back in the saddle; but, got a little progress this morning:

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