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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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Section 31? Knowing them, I'd find it hard to believe they don't have info on it. SI, I'm not so sure. At the very least...they'd view all these convenient events surrounding the RSE and IRS with a lot of suspicion, and investigate it promptly.
Suspect, sure; try to investigate, maybe; succeed? Not necessarily at all. A friend of mine once worked for Marine intelligence in South Korea, and he made the point that intelligence in North Korea is almost entirely inferential, based on suspicions and plausibilities.

If it's difficult to get any hard intelligence on a North Korea that shares a culture and a frontier with a highly advanced and competent nation-state that has the world's superpower as patron, how much more difficult would it be to penetrate xenophobic and sophisticated non-Federation polities like the Romulans, never mind the Tzenkethi?

Section 31 has a mystique among us fans because of its demonstrated ruthlessness and competence. There's no reason to think it's actually the all-knowing organization it would like to be.

I wouldn't count on it. In the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Iranian Revolution, and now I fear the Egyptian Revolution (though, despite myself, I'm still clinging on to hope for an exception to the rule, but not much)--the radicals seized control, leaving the moderates cowering. This was for the simple reason that radicalism breeds vehemence.
This would be a relevant point if the Typhon Pact was product of some sort of multi-civilizational revolution. It's not: the Typhon Pact is, in fact, a very measured and careful compromise by a half-dozen reasonably stable civilizations which have no interest in letting things get out of control. The Romulans and the Tzenkethi, we know from RBOE, are not blindly trusting in the good faith of their new allies; they're carefully watching everything.
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