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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

Rush Limborg wrote: View Post
Section 31? Knowing them, I'd find it hard to believe they don't have info on it.
Well its not like they have what was probably their primary intelligence source in Romulan space any more, what with Koval being dead for the past 4 years.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Sci wrote: View Post
And it's entirely possible that the Tal Shiar might end up being much better at its counterintelligence function now that Sela is running it instead of someone who's distracted by his constant attempts to become the power behind the throne.
Yeah, but... outside of the novel The Romulan Strategem, has Sela ever actually succeeded in any of her plans? (She did succeed in killing Rehaek, barely, but that wasn't her plan, it was someone else's.)
Yeah, but those times she was going against the main characters of which ever TV series and/or book series she was in and her plans were always MAJOR game changers so of course she was going to fail those times.
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