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Re: Let Me In (Possible Spoilers)

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I'd go as far as to say it's a tremendously abusive relationship, though not in the conventional sense one would define "abuse." More like an endless psychological torment inflicted upon them, subtly at first, but directed entirely by her until there is simply no escape but death.
This. Any sympathy we feel for Abby is meant to echo the feelings that are stirred in the boys who try to "save" her. We want to believe that Owen is different from the other caretakers, that the love between he and Abby is real, but in truth we're shown no evidence of this. We're as much her victims as they are, which to me is brilliant filmmaking. Bravo to all. But yes, Abby is a monster... enormously skilled in manipulating those around her in order to survive. An author friend of mine (who loved the movie, btw) says that anyone who thinks this is a love story doesn't really understand what a healthy relationship truly is.
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