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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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Good point. Frankly, I believe it undermines any Federation pretentions of ethical behavior when they ally with a culture like the Klingons that engages in open conquest and subjugation of other worlds. I think the original intent in TNG was that the Klingons had become more reformed and enlightened, with the warmongering types being a dissident minority (see "Heart of Glory"). But over the years, writers got so caught up writing the Klingons as Space Vikings/Samurai and playing up their Warrior fetish ad nauseam that they ended up being basically as bloodthirsty and brutal as ever, and it became unclear why the Federation would want to be allied with these savage thugs. I mean, I'm all for not being at war with them, but portraying them as stalwart allies when they're so unreformed in their ways creates a certain cognitive dissonance.
I'd have been so much happier if it had been Ael's successfully reformed Romulan Empire that the Federation had allied with, rather than Gorkon's Klingon Empire: I can relate to the Romulans more. If that makes sense.

(Hmm. Vulcan-Romulan reunification as a way to escape the Klingon alliance?)

All this suggests that the Federation shouldn't be too wary of the Typhon Pact: it can relate to varying extents with most of its neighbours, and can have productive relationships with some. The Klingon Empire, now, is the power most pressured, arguably more surrounded than the Federation and with a major partner that's increasingly skeptical of the Klingons as worthwhile allies. Qo'Nos would have most to lose from a Federation-Typhon Pact detente.
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