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Re: Has TNG Been Remastered?

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DVD resolution is 720x480. 480 lines of resolution.
In Europe, it's 720x576. Curious if American Trek DVDs are lousier, or if it doesn't matter.

I think you'd want to buy them if you see what a HD remastering of TNG looks like. I'm sure it'll look pretty amazing.
yeah the PAL discs would have to be 576 @ 25fps, since the show was mastered in NTSC D2, it was likely upconverted for the PAL dvd set.
If this was done through a device such as a Teranex, the difference would be negligible.

I would buy TNG on blu-ray after it had been out awhile and the prices went down. I just got season 2 & 3 of TOS remastered used and saved a bundle.
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