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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Just thought we'd get everyone up-to-date on our various productions. Currently, there are four vignettes and one episode in post-production.

S01-1 "The Void," written by Randall Landers, is now being edited by Tom Scott. We will be shooting close-ups of Jeff Green as Captain Grigory in mid-March. The visual effects work (VFX) continues to come in from Jon Carling. He has done some amazing work on the episode. Jon's also busy doing the opening credits for the episode. Bill Walker will have the unenviable task of animating the consoles, of course, but he also took some footage of the viewscreen recently, as did Randy with Mario Pagan in the shot for our general viewscreen stock footage. Once completed, the episode music will be composed by Steve Gallant.

S01-C "Doctor's Orders," written by David Eversole, is now being edited by Rick Foxx. Filming was completed in January for this episode. The VFX for this episode will be completed by William Walker. Bill has done an amazing effects shot that can be seen on the Potemkin FaceBook page. Once completed, Tony Lunn will be scoring this vignette.

S01-D "Delivery," written by David Eversole, will be filmed in mid-March at the same time we do Jeff Green's close-ups for "The Void." The episode will feature Jeff and Stephanie Burke.

S01-E "Miscommunication," written by David Eversole, is now ready for editing. Bill Walker will be handling the editing and the vfx for this episode. Bill did an awesome job directing and filming the episode which is our first production set on location.

S01-F "The Engineer's New Clothes," written by Randall Landers, is still filming. Bill Walker will be recreating an engineering room set in Atlanta. Once done, he'll be filming his sequences. This vignette marks the end of the use of the original Potemkin uniforms.

We've got two episodes and two vignettes remaining to film in this "season."

S01-G "Assigned Duties," written by David Eversole.
S01-2 "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky," written by David Eversole.
S01-H "Command Decision," written by David Eversole.
S01-3 "Callie," written by David Eversole, based on a story by Randall Landers.

We're now accepting submissions for the next "season" of Project: Potemkin. We're looking for 8 vignettes (less than 15 mins) and 2 episodes (less than an hour). If you'd be interested, please contact Randy Landers. You will need a copy of a release to be included with your submissions. We'd also recommend you review our submission guidelines and series bible as well as characters before submitting your story treatment and/or script/script outline. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask beforehand.

Also, Neal Manning. We got your email, but we can't find your email address. Please contact us again. Thanks!
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