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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

I started out in undergrad as an aerospace engineering major, but I bored of it after a year of basic aerodynamics and became convinced I would be more interested by the pure sciences, so I changed to Applied Math, which I got my BS in. I minored in physics and philosophy and had I had the money, probably would've just chosen to triple major because I loved them all equally. About 2 years before graduation I signed up with the Marine Corps officer candidate program and did that shtick for awhile. I was going to be a naval aviation candidate after graduation but it turned out I was color blind and so DQ'd from flight.

I worked in IP surveillance for a little while in networking support and SQL development and then decided it was time for school again (particularly when the hot married customer service chick's husband found out...) and so here I am, back in school - MS in Aerospace Engineering. I'll be done in December unless I find funding, then I may stick around for PhD.

Oh right, I should probably talk about what I study. As far as math goes, I'm most interested in analytical topics like ODE, complex functions, but I'm fascinated by differential geometry & topology. I had one class as an undergrad and it blew my mind. As far as actual work, I'm in propulsion... trying to find funding in my research (supersonic rocket nozzles, sp. flow separation) and boundary layer behavior... interested in hypersonic flow but they don't teach it here it's only covered in seminar so... yep that's about it. As far as RIGHT now, I'm taking rocket propulsion and electrical propulsion. Electrical is basically 20% E&M, Statistical Mechanics and QM and 20% orbital/basic flight.
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