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Well its not like she'd know about any unknown dialects. She's an expert in xenolinquistics, not a glorified telephone operator. (The guy she replace might be, though.) Its her job to study this stuff. She gets her kicks monitoring and translating Klingon transmissions.
It just seems like people who watch the film are trying to have it both ways. Romulan is a distinct enough language that Starfleet is able to tell that it is the language being spoken by the Narada crew (so there is no issue with our crew knowing they are dealing with Romulans later) yet it is so similar to Vulcan, that not even the Enterprise universal translator can tell the two apart. Also, that discounts the fact that the Romulans and Vulcans have been estranged for nearly 2,000 years, the languages should have diverged significantly in that time.

It was designed to present an 'in' to get Uhura onto the bridge. But it was done in a sloppy manner. YMMV.
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