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Re: Official TrekBBS Fantasy Baseball thread!

Yeah, the draft pick swapping got a little fuzzy, but the short version is that I gave him McCutchen, and I got his 8th rounder. Then swapped 7th rounders so I could move up to the front of that round, and gave him slightly better position in the 12th.

Realisically, just wanted the 7th rounder, but it was a high one, but the 8th rounder he had was low, so got a little creative.

Just stuck in my usual position, where I've got my 6 established keepers, but a couple more guys that grade out to be high picks, just no room to keep them, so I try and swing a trade for draft picks instead. Check out my team if you're interested, I've got plenty more merchandise to move before the draft! Hamels, Buchholz, Rios, Upton, what can I get for you?
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