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Which is what I said in an earlier post...
I would assume the Nero was speaking Romulan and not "Federation Standard" when he contacted the Kelvin. The conversation would be included in the Kelvins logs. (Preserved on the shuttles) Any review of them would show a Vulcanoid speaking Romulan. From that point on the sehlat was out of the bag.

Do we really need everything spelled out????
But we do know that dialects change over time (Nero is from 130 years in the future) and that Romulan is so close to Vulcan that the Lieutenant manning the Enterprise communication console couldn't tell the two apart, even with the Universal Translator.

And they can't be serious that the Romulan language only has three dialects... I count dozens of dialects of English alone. Or is it that Uhura speaks the three known dialects (another 'one hell of a coincidence' for a movie full of them) with perhaps hundreds still unknown?
I doubt the shift would be so great that the languages would be unintelligable. Its not like when Capt Bateson talked with Picard they needed a translator, so I dont think Nero and Nanclus would need one either.

Well its not like she'd know about any unknown dialects. She's an expert in xenolinquistics, not a glorified telephone operator. (The guy she replace might be, though.) Its her job to study this stuff. She gets her kicks monitoring and translating Klingon transmissions.

Like many Trek aliens, the Romulans seem to be a monoculture with little variation from group to group. I'm surprised they actually have dialects!
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