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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

I must start getting some pics up of my own. I have a computer, at last, means i can now put some caption contests up again, yay.

Anyway, back on topic.

does anyone have this set?

Finally saw it in the flesh/plastic yesterday at a toy store.

Its pretty impressive looking, but i think thats down to the funky faux illumination on the wondows. The pic doesnt do it justice.

Now, why couldnt they have done this paint job on the FCT insread of the black? Fair enough, they didnt light the FCT like the previous one, but it looks awesome, the effect is pretty striking when you actually see the thing itself. The only difference between this and the FCT is that this one has no sound chip or lantern light.

Fair enough, it is easy to replicate this effect with pearlesscent paints an a coat of clear modelling varnish for the glass effect, but it still wouldve been cool to have this on the new FCT.
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