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Re: All-Star Superman Specs Announced

Hmm, just saw this, and while I'd say it's one of their better efforts (especially compared to that Apocalypse one which put me to sleep)... something definitely got lost in the translation I think.

Adapting a comic like this really required a delicate touch and different approach, but too much of this felt like just another DC animated movie to me. The underlying sense of wonder and fun and, most of all, whimsy that came through so strongly in the comic's story and art really seemed to be lacking. There were little hints of it here and there, and some of it came through in the music, but not nearly enough.

I mean, all you have to do is look at the big reveal of the Fortress's interior. In the comic it's a moment which feels truly fun and magical, but here it just falls completely flat, the huge room reduced to just another one of those flat and generic paintings that looks like it came out of the old animated series.

Of course to be fair, I'm not sure anything short of big-budget, Pixar-level animation could have really done this comic justice, but I was still expecting a bit more of that magic to come through than it did.

I did think the voice cast was good though. And despite everything else, the ending was still pretty effective and moving.

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