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Re: VOTE!!! Avatar Contests - Exile / Andorians

The fix is in-- er, the polls have closed!

In the Episode contest, the inconvenient, heavy burden of contest-running responsibility is awarded to our own happy camper, od0_ital!

(Don't go running off to Illinois to hide, either, dude. Man up and run the dang contest. You earned it. )

We have a tie for second place between DeVario and SPCTRE. Puppy kisses to both of you!

In the Theme contest, JiNX wins with her twitchy Andorian antennae, and Skywalker is runner-up for his luscious Talas.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all for taking part!

Okay, od0, ooze out of the bucket you're cowering in and take the sceptre. Go on, take it!
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