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Re: Sean Tourangeau, regarding the Luna-class

Christopher wrote: View Post
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I think SicOne is using the WSIWYG editors, which is a rollicking pain when it comes to altering UBB code.
I didn't even know there was such a thing on this BBS.
Sure is (though it doesn't work with all browsers. It works in Firefox, but just shows up the old-fashioned way in Safari). Right at the bottom of the "Edit Options" page of your User CP. But, like I said, all it does is make things hard to do. For instance, in that mode, if you have a picture in IMG tags, you'll actually see the image in the edit box, so you can't get to the address or change the tags so it becomes a link. More trouble than it's worth.

SicOne wrote: View Post
I think SicOne didn't understand a word of what you said. Using editors? Altering code? Nuh-uh. I right-clicked on LCARS 24's MSD of the Luna, the only option I had that I understood was "Copy", then came over to this thread, clicked on "Reply", and right-clicked "Paste". See? Pakled-simple. You gotta keep it simple for me. Even Christopher's well-meaning GED-level explanation was a little tough for me (but thanks anyway, pardner).

I can teach someone how to artfully maneuver a 20,000 ton coal train or switch out a hundred miscellaneous freight cars, but computers? Meh. This is why I have teenagers. Oh, and helpful people on the BBS.
WYSWIG, is "What You See Is What You Get." In that mode, the text box you compose your post in shows up exactly as it will in the final post. There's another, more traditional setting where you see the post as raw text, and anything fancy like bold or italics or links or images has to be written out as "tags," so when you bold text in the final post, in the edit box it's written out as "when you [b ]bold[/b ] text" (without the spaces). The benefit of doing things like that is that you can have precise control over exactly how your post turns out.

In your case, what happened is the computer and the board had to repeatedly guess what you meant to do, and decided you meant to embed the picture in the thread. When you pasted in the picture, the board decided that since you'd given it a web address for a picture, you wanted to have the picture show up in the middle of the post, rather than just a text link to that web address.

The practical upshot is that sooner or later a mod will come along, edit your post into a text link, and quote the part in the rules about how you aren't supposed to embed pictures in post unless it's from your own webspace or the person who does host the picture has said they don't mind.
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