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Re: Sean Tourangeau, regarding the Luna-class

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^ Sorry, Christopher, I've reached the limits of my Pakled-like understanding of how to post links. I just tried to redo it correctly, but only one option came up, with the result shown. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
Well, let's see...

All I did was copy and paste the address with no brackets around it, and the board automatically parsed it as a link. In your post, the address is inside "IMG" brackets. If you just edit your post and delete those brackets -- or substitute "URL" for "IMG" inside the brackets -- it should be fine.
I think SicOne is using the WSIWYG editors, which is a rollicking pain when it comes to altering UBB code.
I think SicOne didn't understand a word of what you said. Using editors? Altering code? Nuh-uh. I right-clicked on LCARS 24's MSD of the Luna, the only option I had that I understood was "Copy", then came over to this thread, clicked on "Reply", and right-clicked "Paste". See? Pakled-simple. You gotta keep it simple for me. Even Christopher's well-meaning GED-level explanation was a little tough for me (but thanks anyway, pardner).

I can teach someone how to artfully maneuver a 20,000 ton coal train or switch out a hundred miscellaneous freight cars, but computers? Meh. This is why I have teenagers. Oh, and helpful people on the BBS.
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