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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

I'd never seen the show before io9 posted that clip of the Firefly shout-out last Friday, but I've now watched all the back episodes.
It's possibly the most wonderful comedy I've ever come across!
Many times I've come perilously close to rupturing a lung (or some other internal organ, possibly the spleen) from laughing.

Abed instantly became my favorite character, and Danny Pudi's performance has moved me to tears on several occasions.

• When he showed his first movie to his father
• When Annie angrily asks him why he stayed in the experiment room for 26 hours, and Abed just says, "Because you asked me to stay, and you said we were friends."
• When he tells Britta how cool it would be to be able to dance, but that he wouldn't want to take a class in it, then gives it a whirl after everybody's left the theatre... and he's amazing!

And Troy and Abed have the best friendship ever. I just love their end credits tag scenes.

It breaks my heart that the show hasn't received any award nominations.
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