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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

can i offer you two tribbles for a spot of....information? this is my first time here and i'm stumped, i'm a hands on kinda fellow. i'm trying to build a mego scale bridge and transporter. bridge is easy, but the transporter panels...where can i find them? oh and 3dbuzz is fasinating.
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Hi, all! I have been working this for quite a while and was advised that I might wish to post here as well. My updates are primarily posted at the WIP forum on; so, I'll link there.
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This is a top to bottom, deck by deck build of the Enterprise using the Franz Joseph prints primarily. I'm cross-posted on multiple sites at present by request. So, if you don't see updates here, check 3Dbuzz or Scifi-meshes.

My regular update for today should show the amount of work I have in it so far:

So here's what I posted to buzz this morning:

--- begin.

So, I changed the fore section of the nacelle. Still not totally happy with it; but, happier than before. The nacelle still needs some internal and external work done; but, for the moment, she's done for the rough-in work. Other things needing done will require that the shoring up of the shuttlebay be completed and the port pylon be attached - the which I'm not ready for as yet.

That said, it's time to get back to the Bridge deck. That needs to be completed and the skins for decks 2-4 need redone. Technically, I could leave that for the detail phase; but, we'll see. For the moment, some overall progress pics and a poly count..


--- end

This is done in 3dsMax 5. The intent is to build a high res model suitable to any purpose I may deem fit to use it for in the future and a lower res model fit for export into Oblivion and Unreal engines. My primary testing so far has been in the Thief III version of the unreal engine.

My build is designed around phases as outlined in the thread at 3dbuzz. I decided to do a rough-in pass to ensure the geometry is all correct, followed by a cleanup pass, then a detail pass. I didn't want to be detailing her to the teeth if the decks weren't aligned or measurements were off.

Questions and comments, suggestions all welcome.

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