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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

18. Brothers: B+
19. Men In Black II: B-
20. The Crow: Wicked Prayer: C-
21. The Soloist: C

There are good performances in this movie with Robert Downey Jr and Jaime Foxx however that doesn't save it from being a bit slow. It felt like some of the exposition and visuals used to illustrated Nathaniel Ayers disorder actually hindered the pacing of the movie. Perhaps doing it once for affect but not several. Then they began intersplicing those with flashbacks, perhaps as a way to justify doing it again, but I didn't feel it was necessary to show the scars that way. His scars could've been easier portrayed in dialoge thus making the pacing better and perhaps setting up some dramatic scenes.

I'm glad I watched it but it's not one to own.
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