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Re: Aykroyd Comments on Murray, Ghostbusters 3! Working on Script w/Ra

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[...]Aykroyd (who's just a crazy bastard)[...]
[Murray]'s either high or drunk about 24/7[...]
Is there really a need to do this?
Do you have a problem with either of these statements? Aykroyd is an avid believer in the paranormal, actively promotes his beliefs in ghosts and the like, and sells skull-shaped bottles of vodka while pimping his latest "SPOOKS AND ALIENS ARE HERE" book. I'd say, in a joking sense, that yes, he is indeed a crazy bastard. As for Murray, his drug habits have been well-known for decades, and even Zombieland poked fun at his notorious love of the ganja. Ex-wife Jennifer Butler, in her divorce filing a few years ago, said that Murray was either drinking or toking up at almost all times during their marriage.

In any event, the point remains that Murray doesn't give two shits about Ghostbusters (and his performance in The Video Game in 2009 showed it), and there's no reason to make this movie. Sony (and people like Aykroyd) continually overlook the fact that the success of the first movie was because it was a happy accident -- a combination of script, improvisation, comedy, sci-fi and a love letter to New York City.
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