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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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VOY fans exist, you just have to look in all the right corners of the interwebs Plus, a bunch of them are closeted. Welcome!

Someone once teased a client of mine that I was a secret Trekkie.

The client responded, "You obviously haven't seen her office."
I want a photo!!

I'm out and I'm proud! to be a Trekkie. That's how you meet trekkies IRL!
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"To your forum, welcome!" (Shameless TOS movie reference for the uninitiated )
What's it from? I love the TOS movies but it's not ringing any bells.
King Daniel is correct.

My office.

It looks normal enough, until you realize the barrister styled (No, I'm not a lawyer) book case to my left is full of star trek ornaments/ships, various kirk icons, a bottle of romulan ale, etc. On top of another bookcase (way above normal sight line) is my Boxed set of Ken & Barbie in their TOS uniforms, and a box of cereal with the enterprise on it. In the hallway is likely what he was referring to, my autographed photos of various Trek actors/actresses.

Oh, and I have a freaking big autographed poster from Tea @ Five in another room.

Much of a trekkie?


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