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Re: Aykroyd Comments on Murray, Ghostbusters 3! Working on Script w/Ra

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If the studio really wants to do this, they should simply reboot it.
Pretty much. There's a reason they've been trying -- and failing -- to get another movie off the ground since 1992 or so. There's a fundamental break in the creative process. It isn't Ramis, Aykroyd or anyone else saying, "Hey, we've got a great idea to tell another Ghostbusters story, can we make another movie?" It's Sony saying, "Hey, interest in this property is pretty high right now. Make another movie."

Everything about this project, outside of Aykroyd (who's just a crazy bastard), screams "doing it for the sake of doing it." Ramis and Reitman sound like they're just along for the ride, Murray doesn't give a shit (and if the allegations from his most recent divorce are true, he's either high or drunk about 24/7) ... there's no reason for this movie to be made. Fans want a movie with the original crew busting ghosts one last time. That isn't what they're going to get. Sony wants a movie that can launch a whole new franchise of Ghostbusters films, merchandise, etc.
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