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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

I don't disagree with that, and it's a pretty good example of why I don't think that fan films are serious competition on the professional awards level (which I think is where this particular tangent started out). OTOH, what you're pointing out is a bad habit of a lot of episodic television including some of the most popular Star Trek episodes (say, "Yesterday's Enterprise" - yeah, on a logical level Picard might have a choice to make, but there's actually never any question where the story will end up because he has only one choice that gets us back to status quo). If anything, WEAT's writer imitates too well what "the Franchise" gets away with too often. I don't think any of this is inconsistent with my own impression that the least successful aspects of WEAT are as good as some stuff that's produced by Hollywood for commercial television...and there are things about it that I like better than some of what I see on the tube.

On the general subject of what Trek "gets away with," Dave Bischoff remarked to me years ago that Star Trek has become not so much either "modern mythology" or the invention of novel stories as it has become a series of "folk tales:" we know all the characters, we know how the stories go and how they end, they've been told to us over and over...but we want someone to tell them again, someone who tells them good.
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