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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Not to pick on anyone, but just as examples, while Exeter is an outstanding effort there are places where some of the editing just goes "clunk". There are also a couple of acting performances that don't quite get there either. While Intrepid's writing, acting and video production quality are as good as anything out there, they acknowledge that they have had sound quality issues at times.
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I was referring to TTI and there is nothing serious. Just that there were a few spots on the bridge where the transitions weren't quite as smooth as I would expect. There were a couple of spots where it was obvious that everyone had to either freeze or resume their same positions for camera changes and a couple of spots where the transitions were just a bit slow. Again, nothing serious and those are things that caught my attention and again, everyone is going to view any program with a different eye.
If anything the problem with Exeter was a lack of sufficient coverage in a lot of scenes, which means jumping through editing hoops to make everything fit together. I'm in the midst of Act 4 right now and, trust me, the biggest problem is almost never continuity when hooking up shots, but rather simply not having enough shots or not enough takes of those shots. I actually went back to previous acts raw footage (unused takes) to find reaction shots because there weren't enough for what the edit requires.

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Personally, I find that WEAT falls down on the writing leg of that particular triad. The story is a puzzle-box gimmick that isn't even thought through logically.
I agree with this, and one example is that there is no answer to the question that if Sulu has gone half-mad, why is Alana so sane?
My problem is more fundamental than that: it's a puzzle-box only because there's only one possible resolution, and there is no decision to be made which will make any difference except how long to delay the inevitable. As such, it's just a vehicle for histrionics. If Kirk had been put in a position where he was risking his ship and crew on the slim chance of saving one person, then that would have fixed it. As is, there's no changing the outcome ergo there's no drama except of the "melo" variety.
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