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Re: Fitness Checkin

I didn't even realize this thread was here... It'd give me a good place to post my daily routine

Today I did biceps, forearms, quads and cardio - and tested out on overhead military press. 95 lbs, 5 reps. I don't keep a log anymore so I don't have the exact sets... I did for awhile but I can keep it in my head now. I know I preacher curled up to 85 for a 5 rep burn out set. Jumped on the elliptical, first time I'd used one of those in quite some time... supposedly burned 589 calories in 60 minutes. Pushed personal leg press max back up to 250. Used to be 375 once upon a time but I quit leg lifting for a very long time throughout Marine Corps training, just did lots a running, so I lost mass.

Anyway, tomorrow's supposed to be Crossfit Abs and upper back.
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