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Let Me In (Possible Spoilers)

My wife and I just watched "Let Me In" the other night and I thought that I'd start up a discussion thread about it. It was one of those movies (like "Knowing") that, at least for me, is so vivid that it seems to stick in my head and that I continue to think about for several days afterward. I thought it was a pretty strong movie in terms of the performances (esp. by Chloe Moretz) and storyline- dark and haunting though it may be- but I can't seem to decide whether or not I might want to own it (it happens to be on sale this week).
My wife doesn't seem particularly interested in watching it again and I'm not sure when I might watch it again either, particularly since I'd probably have to be in the right "state of mind" to do so, but something about intrigued me enough to want to possibly watch it again sometime down the line.
What did everybody else whom saw it think of it? What did everybody think about the ending? Did you like the ending or dislike it? Me, I personally wondered a lot throughout the movie about what the boy might end up doing (re: Abby) and, of course, by the end, we get the answer.
What was everybody's opinion about Abby? Victim or villain (or something else entirely)?
As the credits were rolling, I began wondering about whether or not the boy will eventually end up like Abby's other "caretaker" or whether he might take a different path at some point. The tragedy (or beauty of it depending on your point of view) of it is that, since the movie ended on a cliffhanger "note", we'll never know for sure but it is sure ripe for discussion IMHO. I welcome further discussion.
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