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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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This pretty much echoes my own feelings. For the sake of discussion if we break a production into three categories, writing, acting and production standards, even the best fan films will come up short in one area or another. I agree that WEAT is the only one I've seen that measures up to professional standards in all three areas.
Personally, I find that WEAT falls down on the writing leg of that particular triad. The story is a puzzle-box gimmick that isn't even thought through logically.[/QUOTE]

To be fair, I think a lot of weekly television writing would fall into that category. The more times we watch any production (pro or fan based) the problems become more obvious. WEAT held up extremely well on first viewing for me as a fan and I think that's a pretty fair standard. YMMV.

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Not to pick on anyone, but just as examples, while Exeter is an outstanding effort there are places where some of the editing just goes "clunk".
Which production are you referring to, The Savage Empire, or The Tressaurian Intersection?

It's been too long since I've sat through The Savage Empire to comment on it, but in what's been released to date in the The Tressaurian Intersection, I can see only minor problems in its editing.

Can you list specific examples of the editing going "clunk" in The Tressaurian Intersection?
I was referring to TTI and there is nothing serious. Just that there were a few spots on the bridge where the transitions weren't quite as smooth as I would expect. There were a couple of spots where it was obvious that everyone had to either freeze or resume their same positions for camera changes and a couple of spots where the transitions were just a bit slow. Again, nothing serious and those are things that caught my attention and again, everyone is going to view any program with a different eye.

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Personally, I find that WEAT falls down on the writing leg of that particular triad. The story is a puzzle-box gimmick that isn't even thought through logically.
I agree with this, and one example is that there is no answer to the question that if Sulu has gone half-mad, why is Alana so sane?

To appreciate WEAT, we have to gloss over its problems.

Many, many professional science fiction productions suffer from the need to gloss over their problems to be able to appreciate their virtues.
Again, to me the writing on WEAT was adequate and the problems were not so different from what any weekly episode of just about any series would have. I am a very big fan of TTI and Intrepid and any criticisms are simply meant to point out the difficulties of making them, not as any criticism of anyone's skill, effort or dedication.

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