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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Dennis wrote: View Post
I find the occasionally bruited about idea of "fan film awards" loathsome in every respect.

Dennis wrote: View Post
There are groups that start out making fan films, acquire experience and a network of folks who are dedicated to the projects and then start interacting with other independent film makers...and eventually move on to projects in which they have more expansive creators' rights and control.
There comes an interesting problem once you cross that line, though. Once you start making money, typically your "free" fan-film labor stops becoming as free, and the economies of scale change radically.

MikeH92467 wrote: View Post
This pretty much echoes my own feelings. For the sake of discussion if we break a production into three categories, writing, acting and production standards, even the best fan films will come up short in one area or another. I agree that WEAT is the only one I've seen that measures up to professional standards in all three areas.
Personally, I find that WEAT falls down on the writing leg of that particular triad. The story is a puzzle-box gimmick that isn't even thought through logically.
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