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Re: All-Star Superman Specs Announced

Couldn't find another thread about the movie except this one and don't really feel like starting a separate one so I'll just stick with this one. Saw the movie and loved it. Some will probably find it boring. It does significantly take a bulk of Morrison's more "meta" concepts out of the adaption, including a big chunk of Superman's Twelve Challenges. However that being said there are wonderful voice acting performances from the cast, especially James Denton as Superman/Clark Kent, Christina Hendricks as Lois Lane, and Anthony LaPagia as Lex Luthor.

What impressed me with the movie is that Dwayne McDuffie was able to adapt the core elements of Morrison's story and translate them into the animated movie. This is ultimately about idealized versions of these characters and that comes across in the film. The story really comes down to Superman and Lois. The emotions that Superman is dealing with as he prepares to die...and Lex Luthor reveling in his diabolical plan. The score is excellent as well, and the animation is probably the best we've seen it. Frank Quietley's art is translated pretty well but is also streamlined a bit, especially with Lois Lane who's gorgeous in the movie. I would rank this below "Batman Under the Hood" as my second favorite of the DTV's release to date and would highly recommend it.
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