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Re: Once More, With Feeling: my big Buffy/Angel canon rewatch/reread/r

No I don't believe Buffy's the mad girl in the asylum either for the reasons you outline BUT if she is she still gets her happy ending, she wakes up sane, goes back to her life and Joyce and all her friends from Hemery are still alive, she still has her Scooby gang. And she can always call her children Dawn, Alexander, Faith, Willow etc

As for the comics I'd recommend Slayer Interrupted (Buffy in the asylum/Dawn and Hoopy Bear) and Viva Las Buffy (Pike and Buffy in Las Vegas)

CC's 'com-shuk-me' vibe refers to her propensity for having sex with and being knocked up by demons, she really is the GOT poster girl

As for the Buffy movie;
Pike=Oz (wouldn't an Oz/Buffy romance have been great?)
and so on
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