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Re: How is Janeway sexy?

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BTW, I found this quote from the funeral scene (I forget which book) for Janeway:
Oh we are keeping it OPEN all right, open and bleeding all over the internet do you hear that peterfuckingdavid?!?!??!

I'm still self-enforcing that embargo on his books.

As I recall Chakotay was standing at the edge of the crowd during that scene having an emo attack which he then continued to have for at least 2 books.
P-retty much.

I liked the way the new Voyager novels were/are written, but I wasn't all that in favor of Chakotay.
I got very very weary of him. Not that it didn't sort of fit his character, potentially. It's the dwelling on the angst which Treklit sometimes does really badly IMHO.

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