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Re: How is Janeway sexy?

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Let us reflect on the years forever lost to us, Admiral Janeway's years in the original timeline before she traveled back and fucked it over forever.
I'd have liked to see something covering those years, since they had a profound effect on her, and the timeline by extension.

BTW, I found this quote from the funeral scene (I forget which book) for Janeway:

For the love I bear her, and for the love each of you still carry with you, I call upon you not to rest until those who are responsible for my sister's death are made to answer for what they have done. If you truly honour what she lived for, if you truly wish to memorialize the contributions she made to this Federation, do not forget how she lived, or how she died. Do not seek to heal this wound. Keep it open. And let it give you the strength you need to find and destroy the monsters who took her from us. Do not take 'no' for an answer. She wouldn't have."
I've read a couple fanfics about the "missing years." One was well-written, IIRC, but it was absolutely, unequivocally dark. Like, extremely dark. But it actually sort of fit into canon.

That quote is from Full Circle, by the by. It's Phoebe Janeway's speech at the funeral. Peter David wouldn't have written something nice like that for Janeway. Plus I'm sort of wondering if that was Kirsten Beyer's way of inserting her opinion on the whole debacle.
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